Our Story

Our Story 

If you look up the definition of "Merit", it is about recognition, and worth. It's an award. 

A MERIT woman's worth lies within her and shines in all she is and all she touches and all she does. She's curated, she's elevated. She's the life of the party, the light in the room- she's incandescent. She's not too loud, she's not overstated. She carries the most intriguing vibe with her- a collectedness, a coolness. 

She inspires women to be themselves in the highest, truest form, and to experience life in all its glimmer and glow. She sees the worth within others and she points it out, elevates it, and celebrates it. She knows, at the end of the day, that her worth lies not within the things that she has, it lies within her. Motivating her, propelling her. She knows she has worth -MERIT- in the core of her being. 

When women meet her, they ask, "Where did you find that?".  And she tells them, not hoarding her sources, but gladly sharing what she knows, empowering and teaching the women around her, inspiring them to edit and curate their lives, distilling the noise down to the things that are essential and beautiful. 

Simply put, what we wear, the jewels that adorn our outside, shine brighter because of the worth we hold within ourselves. This is MERIT.